How lockdown helped me thrive

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Published on 26 March, 2021

This time last year, when the UK had just gone into lockdown for the very first timenobody would’ve predicted that we would still be in a similar position one year later. Upon reflection, there’s a huge amount that all of us have learned within that time, with many of us having reassessed our priorities and worked towards achieving healthier, happier and more productive lifestyles. 

At the start of the first lockdown, like many people I was enjoying eating and drinking a little too much whilst getting used to being stuck at home. Having been reasonably fit a few years ago, I’d let my weight creep up and was feeling the impact in everyday life, trying to keep up with the children and becoming less productive both at work and at home. Catching sight of myself in the mirror at the wrong angle and realizing how far I’d let things go was enough for me to decide that it was time for a change. 

One positive thing about lockdown has been the lack of a daily commute and I started to use this time to get out for a run in the morning. Mentally, the impact was apparent almost immediately. I was starting the day a lot brighter, with tons more energy and enthusiasm, which has helped dealing with lockdown in a host of different ways. 

Creating a routine around exercise and tracking my diet has meant that I’ve replaced poor habits with a much healthier routine which has seen me lose 45lbs in weight and perform much better  more positively and responsively – at work. I’ve now swapped the short-term buzz of a bar of chocolate or glass of wine for the satisfaction of hitting a weekly mileage goal and calorie targetand I’m still making time for well-earned cheat days every couple of weeks! 

This more positive routine around exercise, food and work feels fantastic, and having experienced both the short- and long-term benefits, it’s something I’ll continue long after we emerge from lockdown. 

Recruitment Manager - Sales Division

I joined Cathedral Appointments in April 2017 and I head up the Sales Division. I bring extensive experience in recruitment and recruitment advertising and work closely with clients and candidates to find the right people the best jobs.

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How lockdown helped me thrive

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