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Published on 12 August, 2020

Since we last wrote about the Jobs Outlook figures published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) in June, it seems that the slowdown in temp and permanent vacancies in general has continued.  However, whilst we are still levels of vacancies well below the “norm” there is some feeling that more opportunities are opening up.

As lockdown has eased over the past few weeks, we’ve certainly experienced more vacancies coming available and it feels like there is much more activity in the local marketplace – certainly when compared to April, May and June.

That said there are more people actively seeking work and we are seeing an increase in job seekers particularly as the furlough scheme starts to reduce and more redundancies are being made. Competition for jobs is therefore high and starting salaries have reduced in areas.

There are busy sectors, IT and Engineering businesses are hiring at the moment and we continue to work with some interesting and innovative companies on niche roles. We mentioned in our June blog that the governments stimulus package focusing on retraining and developing new skills is going to be key to getting back into work with many but there are other areas that we feel they could do more to kickstart the market – in particular looking at reducing employers National Insurance and ensuring a good Brexit trade deal.

We continue to offer help, guidance and market insight to those jobseekers who find themselves on the job market at this time and we continue to build meaningful relationships with businesses.  The importance of “supporting local” has been embraced by the business community.


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I joined Cathedral Appointments in April 2017 and I head up the Sales Division. I bring extensive experience in recruitment and recruitment advertising and work closely with clients and candidates to find the right people the best jobs.

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REC Job Outlook Latest

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