Road to Recovery?

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Published on 13 May, 2020

We last wrote about how February’s latest Jobs Outlook figures looked positive with employer confidence on the up and confidence increasing in the country’s economic situation. This was only 3 months ago and, wow, as everyone knows and is experiencing, things have changed dramatically.


The latest KPMG and REC report on jobs is an unsurprising outline of huge drops in demand for temporary and permanent staff amidst recruitment freezes across all major UK industries.


This report doesn’t make for comfortable reading noting “unprecedented fall in recruitment activity” (is everyone as tired of the word unprecedented as us?), “staff vacancies fall at sharpest rate on record” and “renewed fall in pay as staff demand weakens”. So far, so depressing.


But given the unique circumstances these headlines are not unexpected. The lockdown measures have been necessary to focus on the priority of fighting the virus and getting control of the pandemic. The government response, in terms of economic assistance, has been significant and whilst the feeling is the capacity for the economy to recover quickly is certainly there, it’s not going to happen overnight.


News of the extension of the furlough scheme has been broadly welcomed, but the government response will need to continue to work with business and taper their assistance in tandem with economic recovery rather that leaving the prospect of a cliff edge and businesses having to face further cost cutting and redundancies.


A tapered approach will allow businesses to plan to invest in the future and drive the bounce back. All the local and regional businesses we partner with have been in survival mode over the past 2 months but there now seems to be a steely determination that we will come out of this, if not unscathed, certainly still punching and with an eye to driving business back to a new normal and into growth again.


The incredible mix of tenacity and talent in business in the South West coupled with a sensible and measured government approach, I hope, will see us writing another blog in 3-6 months’ time noting another dramatic change - and this time for the better.

Recruitment Manager - Sales Division

I joined Cathedral Appointments in April 2017 and I head up the Sales Division. I bring extensive experience in recruitment and recruitment advertising and work closely with clients and candidates to find the right people the best jobs.

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Road to Recovery?

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