Then and now: salaries snowball in Devon and beyond

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Posted by Joanne Caine
Published on 20 July, 2018

Beautiful beaches. Breath-taking countryside. Exceptional artisan cider and - whisper it – the best pasties in the region! There are some parts of Devon’s reputation that we are only too happy to uphold. When it comes to salaries? Different story.

You see, there’s a perception - a false one - that salaries are stagnant in Devon. Growth is slow, the job market is narrow and good opportunities are hard to come by. Take it from us, that’s just plain wrong. Give us five minutes and we will show you.

Salaries have snowballed since 2001

We have been recruiting for businesses in and around Devon for 25 years. Every year we have recorded upper and lower benchmark salaries, commensurate for the region, for each position we hire for. Recently we compared the benchmarks we are using for popular roles today to those we were using back in 2001 and 2003.

Okay, we hold our hands up. The data is a little unscientific. But it’s obvious that salaries have grown strongly in the region across a wide range of disciplines. So much for the cliché about West Country wages.

What’s happening with the Devon job market?

As with most things of this nature, there are a number of factors fuelling the growth in the region’s wages. Firstly a disproportionate number of micro-SMEs means employers can be more flexible in their recruitment, making decisions quickly and reacting to markets as necessary.

Secondly the excellent transport links with Bristol, London and Birmingham continues to pull large businesses into the region. These are the types of businesses with a constant need for fresh talent in their workforces. There’s also been confident investment in the region - such as the development of Exeter Science Park.

Add to that the fact that top candidates are cherry-picking their jobs, forcing employers to put together increasingly attractive remuneration packages to secure their first-choice employees. By our reckoning it’s a great time to be in Devon, for both jobseekers and employers. And with some of the country’s best universities in the county, there’s no shortage of talent.

Okay, enough myth-busting for today. Time for a scrumptious local pasty.


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Then and now: salaries snowball in Devon and beyond

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