FAQ for Temporary Vacancies


What is a temporary job?

Temporary jobs are short, fixed term assignments that enable businesses to respond to changes in the job market, or to cover peaks and troughs in workload, and allow the candidate to gain more experience without committing to a permanent position. The South West offers great temporary roles and we can help both employer and candidate make the most out of the temporary sector.


Do temporary jobs look good on your CV?

Yes! Temp jobs are growing in popularity and we are placing more and more people into temporary roles. Temp jobs are a great way to continue to build your CV, explore different industries and enhance your skill set. 


Are temporary jobs easy to find?

Our expert team of consultants can help you find the perfect temp role. Despite the current economic climate, demand for temporary jobs has increased in the South West over the last few years, which has also led to a salary increase for skilled temporary roles. Get in touch with one of our team today to submit your CV and start the search for your temporary job.

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What is the impact of COVID-19 on the temporary job sector?

Lockdown in March 2020 inevitably had a negative impact on recruitment, but thankfully, since July, we have started to see the market slowly bounce back. The forecast for the temporary job sector is much more positive, as businesses will want help to get their growth plans back on track, without the commitment of hiring on a permanent basis. We expect to see an increase in the number of temporary jobs in the South West in the coming months, which could then evolve into permanent positions as the economy starts to repair. Take a look at our predictions for 2021 here.


Where can I find temporary jobs?

At Cathedral Appointments, we have a regular flow of vacancies as well as an exclusive list of clients that we can reach out to to secure our candidates temporary roles in a range of sectors, such as IT, HR, accounts, marketing, and customer services. Register your CV here to apply for the latest jobs in the South West.


Where can I advertise my temporary vacancy?

Our team of highly experienced recruitment consultants work closely with employers to find candidates with matching skills, experience and aspirations.  We have an extensive database of readily available candidates ready to start work at short notice but we can also advertise and search for suitable temporary candidates.   If you have a temporary job that you need help with or would like us to advertise, please submit the vacancy here.

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What are the benefits of taking on temporary staff and how can I find the most suitable candidates?

Temp roles are a great way for employers to cover short term workload requirements such as specific projects or sickness leave.  We screen candidates using a range of skills assessments and personality profiling, which means we can offer employers the best-suited candidate for the job.

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