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Introduction to Creative Sector

Working within the creative sector allows people to express their artistic talents and creative flair, be that as a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Creative Manager or Director. There are a number of growing creative agencies, as well as client-side businesses, offering opportunities for creative the South West.


Creative Candidates

We work with all kinds of creative candidates from Content and Copy Writers to Graphic Designers, Art Workers, Web Designers, Creative Managers, Creative Directors and Multi-Media Designers. Having workied with the local and regional creative industries for 30 years, we have established relationships and are able to proactively approach companies where your skills would be relevant.

The South West is booming and there are an increasing number of opportunities for artistic and creative designers across the region. Contact us today to discuss your options for you next career move.


Creative Recruitment

Getting the right look, feel and branding for your business is essential to its success and recruiting the best creative people will help build brand value and awareness.

Cathedral Appointments have 30 years of experience sourcing creative staff for our creative, agency and commercial clients. We thoroughly screen, interview and vet all our candidates and we understand what our clients are looking for in their artistic and design staff.


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