How to secure a new job this January

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Published on 03 January, 2024

We all know the feeling… you’re back to work after the new year and suddenly, the job you loved doesn’t give you the same warm feeling anymore.

After a well-deserved break over the festive period, you’ve realised it’s time to move on. Which is why you’re reading this!

If you’re about to start your job search and want a few top tips to help you prepare for an interview and get a new job this January, keep reading.


1. Update your CV

It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people apply for jobs with old or out-of-date CVs, without even listing the amazing skills they’ve amassed in their current role!

Polish up your CV and add relevant skills and experience that you’ve learned over the last few years in your role. Make sure your information is clear and correct and include examples of where you have surpassed expectations or achieved targets.

It’s also a good idea to have two versions of your CV. Your first should be a standardised, generic version that can apply for many roles. Your second version should be role-specific, and tailored for the roles you are applying for.

For example, if the application requires someone who is a great communicator, include examples of where you have excelled in this, like at public speaking events, presentations or where you have taken courses in this matter.


2. Complete the screening questions on the application

The screening questions are there to help the hiring manager filter through the applications faster, to find the perfect candidate for the role.

With some roles exceeding hundreds of applications, these initial questions can help them find the candidate that matches the skills, experience and culture of the company as well as any legal requirements they need for the position.

Taking the time to complete these questions shows that you are a detail-driven individual who is willing to put in the effort for a role they love.


3. Hone your skills with training courses

The market is set to become more candidate-rich over the next months, which means increasing competition for roles. Coupled with the widening skills gap, this could make it a challenging time to find a role as businesses take their pick of the candidates.

To combat this and make yourself a highly attractive candidate, you could consider taking upskilling or training courses to widen or hone your skillset in specific areas. Doing this will help you be better prepared for interviews, broaden your availability of roles on the market, and make you stand out against others in your field.

This is especially important if you lack active, working experience in some areas and want to apply for roles in a new area.


4. Register your CV with recruiters and recruitment websites

Many of the candidates we surface to businesses come from our database so if you haven’t already, make sure you are registered with us, or our specialised tech sister brand, CA Tech Talent, so we can find you the perfect role in the Southwest.

A little-known fact for the recruitment industry is we also spend much of our time scouring CVs on the likes of Reed or Indeed to find new candidates that fit the specifications for our roles. Make sure your CV is easily findable so recruiters like us can help match you with the right position.


5. Ask yourself interview questions

Remember that famous saying – fail to prepare, prepare to fail… when you have secured that all-important interview, your work is far from done!

Ask yourself some specific interview questions for the role. You can find many examples of these with a simple search, or by using the Interview Warmup tool developed by Google.

Practising questions helps you think of scenarios or situations that you have experienced in the past and delve into how you handled them. While the questions in your interview may differ from those you’ve practised, you will still be able to call on these practice answers on the day.

And the more knowledgeable and confident you appear with your answers, the better chance you have of securing the position.


Best of luck with your job search and remember, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Register your CV now to find a new role this year.

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Charlotte has over a decade of recruiting in the South West with a passion, for providing candidates and clients with a true partnering experience. An out-of-box consultant who will find you the solutions to attract top talent.

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How to secure a new job this January

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