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Introduction to Accountancy Sector

Finance is a fundamental part of running a business. Accountants collect, analyse and record financial data, ensuring compliance with government regulations. They also conduct internal and external audits of companies to verify the correctness of financial statements and adherence to laws. Accountancy is a regulated industry with six professional bodies recognised by the FRC (Financial Reporting Council), a ACA, ACCA, CIMA, CAI, CIPFA, ICAEW and ICAS.

Working in Accountancy is a great option for those who excel in mathematics and strategic thinking.
We have over 25 years experience of hiring for roles in Accountancy and have worked with a varied client base across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.


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Accountancy is a high-skilled career path that has lots of opportunities for growth and development.
For those looking for entry level positions, we have previously placed candidates in roles titled Finance Assistant, Audit Assistant, Tax Assistant, Payroll Assistant, and Accountant Assistant. After a few years working in a role, and by gaining the relevant qualifications, you can expect to progress through to Finance Manager, Audit Manager, Tax Manager, Payroll Manager, and Accountant Manager. Other roles could include Purchase Ledger Clerk or Book-Keeper.

As you progress through your career, more senior roles take the title of Director, Controller, Business Partner, Head of and most senior of call, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

If you are interested in pursuing a role in Accountancy, you will need qualifications such as ACA/ACCA and gain strong skills using MS Office, particularly in Excel.


Hiring for Accountancy roles

Like all of our sectors, we work closely with hiring managers at each business to understand your requirements, needs and assess cultural fit. Whether you know exactly the type of person you’re looking to hire, or you want to lean on our expert insight, we work closely with established teams or as an outsourced recruitment partner to help you find the right person.

All candidates go through our assessment process to ensure they meet the skills and requirements for your role, and we get to know all of our candidates on a personal level, so that we know everyone we recommend could be a great fit for your business.

Our Accountancy sector is led by Jo Howell, who is our go-to expert on all aspects of the financial sector. She has a next-level expertise in understanding what your finance department needs to deliver and works to build strong relationships with your organisation.


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Common interview questions for accounting roles

1. What accounting software solutions are you familiar with?
2. What do you most like about working in accounting and is there a particular software you like to use?
3. What are the challenges you expect to face in this role and how would you overcome them?
4. How do you approach complex financial projects?
5. Can you explain the difference between private and public accounting?
6. How do you assess the health of a company and reliability of financial data?
7. What qualifications do you have?
8. Tell me about your experience with training and developing an accounting team.

Career Profiles for Accountancy

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