Three reasons to employ a recruitment agency (in Exeter)

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Published on 23 May, 2022

Let’s face it, recruiters and recruitment agencies don’t have the best reputation in the eyes of some. Apparently, we’re CV pushers with our eyes only on the commission prize. Of course, there may be some individuals that warrant such bad press but, overall, it’s a myth! 

Working in the legal recruitment space, I very often see candidates approach me after a few tries at entering the market or moving to a new role but to no avail. I know I may come across as biased, but if there’s one piece of job search advice I can offer, it’s to engage with a recruiter. Here are three key reasons why. 

1. We have inside knowledge 

I, for example, have spent eight years of my career creating, building on, and retaining relationships with all the clients we work for. While the process of finding a job might be easy on your own, the interview is the make or break, and there’s nothing better than having someone who can give you small nuggets of advice beforehand to help you smash your way into a new role.  

We’re not just talking about the usual job advice either; while I can tell you what questions to ask that leave a lasting impression or how to conduct yourself in an online interview, I can also share with you that one employer has a dog, and she is an animal lover – perhaps you’ll have that trait in common. I may also be able to share with you the team leader’s favourite sports team – having a bit of light-hearted conversation about the game at the weekend could be the icebreaker you need to clinch that top position.  

Interviews work best when there’s a sense of ease in the room, where conversations flow naturally, and you find common ground. Drawing upon the years of experience that your recruitment agency has is a sure-fire way to start on the right foot with a potential employer.  

2. We can get you noticed 

Internal teams within businesses are incredibly busy, especially in this post-pandemic era. Research from 2015 found that a lawyer receives and creates more than 70 documents a day! Thinking about the current hike in workload, as well as the backlog potentially created over the pandemic, it is likely that this number will be much higher. 

Therefore, with legal offices focusing solely on getting their work done, there’s a high chance that by sending your CV and cover letter directly to them that it will be missed. By engaging with a recruiter who has an existing relationship with a client, they are going to have multiple avenues to get you in front of the right people.  

3. We can help you get when you want  

A recruiter’s job doesn’t simply stop when you’ve been offered a role, we’re also an integral part in ensuring you’re happy with the ‘terms and conditions’ of your offer.

From helping you to negotiate salary through our encyclopaedic knowledge of salary benchmarking, to ensuring that the perks and benefits on the table fit with your requirements; we’re here to see you through until you’ve signed on the dotted line.  

These sorts of conversations are never easy, especially with a new employer, so by working with a recruiter, you can rest assured that your best interests are always kept at the heart of the recruitment process.  

Recruiters are here to make your lives less stressful during a time that can be anxiety-inducing. Looking for a job is no picnic, but our role is to support you throughout your journey and ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

Senior Consultant - Legal Division

Sophia joined Cathedral Appointments in April 2016 as a Senior Consultant. She had previously run her own recruitment business but missed the buzz of working with fellow recruiters! Her law degree gives her a distinct advantage working with legal candidates and firms of solicitors. She is a great team player, good fun in the office and fab on a night out - although she can't really remember much the next day!

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Three reasons to employ a recruitment agency (in Exeter)

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