4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Job Candidates with a Good Impression

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Posted by Joanne Caine
Published on 03 May, 2019

It’s not just prospective employees who need to give the best account of themselves at interview. Those on the other side of the desk should be striving to leave every candidate leaving the building with a positive impression of your business. In fact, it’s crucial.

Here are four reasons why.

  1. Being yourself beats applying pressure

Yes, it’s good to see how any potential employee can handle themselves in a high pressure situation. But you’re not going to see a true reflection of your candidate’s abilities unless they’re able to relax. Nixing the stress encourages interviewees to perform at their best - and will leave you better qualified to judge each candidate’s aptitude for the job.

  1. You want your candidate to want you

You might think you have first dibs on your shortlist of candidates. But if your business came across badly at interview, there’s a chance that the person you’ve selected will turn you down and pursue other opportunities instead. Sure the onus is on the applicant to sell their skills. But unless you want to risk losing out on top talent, you need to sell the opportunity that’s on offer for candidates too.

  1. You might need that shortlist

As above, sometimes people turn down jobs. Maybe they received a better offer. Or found a more suitable role. Perhaps they decided against leaving their current position. Leaving your candidates with a great impression means those on your shortlist are more likely to say YES if your first choice says NO.  

Oh and another thing. You never know how soon you’re going to need new candidates. If you were torn between two or three great candidates on your last round of interviews, it might be worth checking if they are still available next time you are recruiting for a similar role. Even a near miss for a candidate can be a positive experience if they felt valued during the interview.

By asserting yourself as an attractive employer, you’ll have a bigger talent pool to choose from.

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  1. Your reputation is on the line

It’s the digital age. Bad news spreads fast. A poorly conducted, ill-prepared interview or needlessly aggressive manner can lead to negative impressions of your business stretching across social networks like a reputation-shattering virus. Combat this by offering feedback, letting candidates know the result as soon as you’re able and thanking all candidates for their time. The flip side? If someone feels positive about their experience with your business, they’re more likely to share that sentiment with their friends and followers.

Over to you...

The interview process is a showcase for both employer and employee. If all goes to plan, every candidate for the position will leave feeling respected and valued. Then it’s just a case of choosing your favourite. Simple. Best of luck!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Leave Job Candidates with a Good Impression

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