Should you put salary ranges in job adverts?

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Posted by Jo Howell
Published on 28 May, 2024

We were really shocked to read the recent report by the CIPD that only 41% of employers always share salary ranges in external job adverts, and even less so at just 18% for internal job adverts.
Which has got me questioning why?

Maybe it’s in our nature as British people that we find talking about money and salaries more difficult compared to other countries. But the working world is changing, rapidly, and transparency is leading the way for candidate attraction.

67% of candidates say the salary is the top factor when looking at a job advert (Glassdoor) and in our own recent LinkedIn poll, 79% of people said salary and benefits was a key decision maker in accepting a role.

linkedin poll results

Why it’s a good idea to include salary ranges in job adverts

  1. Many job roles across industries have blurred lines when it comes to hierarchy, for example Head of / Director / Lead. Advertising the salary can help candidates figure out if this role is in line with their current skillset and where they want to progress to, meaning you’ll attract a more relevant pool of candidates and take less time reviewing applications.
  2. More and more we are seeing candidates asking questions about businesses before accepting an interview, let alone a job offer. If you aren’t up front about the salary, what else aren’t you willing to put forward about yourself? Leading with honesty and transparency will only enhance your Employer Value Proposition.
  3. In a challenging economic market, candidates need to know that they are making the best move for them financially. In any new role there will be changes to their commute, or their work pattern, this could impact childcare for example. Being upfront with the salary in the job advert allows candidates to take all this into account early on, avoiding messy negotiations down the line.

What you need to consider

If advertising the salary is a change for you as a business, there are a few things you might want to anticipate.

  1. Is the salary you are offering to a new candidate in line with other employees in the same role?
  2. When hiring for this role, will there be a pay disparity between some employees, especially those who have worked with you for many years. Has the salary for their role increased in line with inflation to match this advertised position?
  3. Be prepared for internal questions as to why you’ve made this switch, and why it should be seen as a good thing.
  4. Prepare your HR team for this change, ensuring you have robust policies around salaries and gradings for employees, in line with their progression opportunities.

So should you put the salary in a job advert? Yes! We think you should.

Despite the potential challenges this may bring, such as updating internal policies, the benefits of promoting honesty, transparency and openness within your business far outweigh the negatives.
Being upfront about salaries in a job description, means you can foster a culture of communication and clarity for all employees, so that everyone working in your team knows where they stand.

Recruitment Manager - Accountancy and Financial Services

Jo joined Cathedral Appointments in 2012 after over 25 years in recruitment spanning the whole of the UK - Aberdeen, Home Counties, Greater Manchester and the South West! She recruits for both Financial Services and Accountancy professionals and is known in the office for finding the needle in the haystack candidate where no one else can!

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Should you put salary ranges in job adverts?

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