What do I love about working in recruitment?

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Posted by Dani Osborne
Published on 10 May, 2021

Our specialist HR recruitment manager, Dani, was asked to provide a short video for 
Global Recruiter on why she loves working in recruitment.

Watch her one-minute video below and keep scrolling for further explanation of her key points.

I’ve worked in recruitment for over twenty years, and there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t love it. Of course, like with any job, it has its highs and its lows, but the excitement and the thrill of the day-to-day job is enough to drive me through any challenges that may come my way.

When speaking with Global Recruiter, it was definitely hard to put my finger on just one thing that I love about working in the recruitment industry as there’s just so many! Here are some of my favourite parts of the job.

Getting a new client

Who doesn’t love hearing that your firm has been chosen to represent a new company?! When a business wants us to help them source new candidates, not only does it give me rush of pride that my team and I have been chosen out of all the other thousands of recruiters across the UK, but it gets me incredibly excited about what the future of this new relationship will hold.

Receiving instruction on a brilliant new vacancy

During the COVID-19 crisis, especially in the initial months of the outbreak, there was a significant downturn in the number of jobs available. It was a truly worrying time not only for recruiters, but for the candidates we work with.

However, as the UK begins to pave its road to recovery, the industry has seen a brilliant improvement in pace, and the roles are flowing in like never before. I absolutely love receiving new vacancies, not only is it a sign that the country is healing and returning to some sort of ‘normality’, but it’s another opportunity to help a candidate clinch that dream job and make their lives just that little bit more positive.

Talking to the perfect fit

Finding ‘the one’ is an incredibly rewarding aspect of what I do. When you speak to a candidate who you just know will be the missing puzzle piece that your client is looking for, it’s incredible. I get to match the aspirations of an individual with the goals and needs of a business and create a harmonious working relationship.

This is when all the hard work comes together and I can sit back and think, I’ve done my job and I’ve done it well. The pleasure and sense of satisfaction is overwhelming and, no matter how long I’ve done the job for, the surge of happiness will never leave - I’m still prone to goosebumps and the odd happy tear!

I’ve got plenty of job opportunities at the moment, from marketing to HR, so if you are a candidate looking to seek advice from a passionate recruiter, please get in touch.

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Recruitment Manager - HR, Marketing and Senior Office

Dani is a seasoned recruitment specialist with vast recruitment knowledge of the local recruitment market. She focuses on providing a quality and consultative approach for both clients and candidates alike. She is passionate about recruitment being done well - no shortcuts, no compromises, no excuses. Just a thorough, careful and considered approach to each and every detail.

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What do I love about working in recruitment?

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